About Gregor Law Firm

Legal Counsel for Tech Companies, Internet Business + Websites.

Based in Austin, Texas, the Gregor Law Firm represents companies engaged in technology (tech), internet business, websites, media, entertainment, software, e-commerce, international trade, investment, professional services and other diverse areas of tech.

With a highly-focused practice area, our firm is uniquely structured to efficiently assist tech companies and internet businesses with general counsel, transactional business law and corporate law matters. The Gregor Law Firm understands the issues tech / internet companies face and is experienced in creating solutions.

The firm provides agile, diplomatic personal service and immediate deal value backed with attorney Sean Gregor’s 17 years of legal experience. As such, the firm is a good match for growing tech companies and internet businesses.

The Gregor Law Firm represents companies in the sale and purchase of Internet Businesses, large Websites and Website Domains with substantial transaction values.

The firm has long-term relationships with our clients. These relationships are built on years of client-focused, responsive corporate, business and commercial transaction representation.

With an international network of other attorneys and professionals from multiple professions, the Gregor Law Firm is able to work efficiently, yet creatively to meet client goals and objectives.

To learn how the Gregor Law Firm may be of assistance to your company, please contact us via the information on the contact page.

About Sean Gregor, Attorney

Tech Savvy.  17 Years Experience.  Business Law + Corporate Law.

Sean is active in high profile transactions and has led numerous multi-disciplinary teams of professionals and experts, seeking creative solutions and resolutions to a myriad of business oriented legal matters, during his 17 year career as an attorney.

Sean’s practice involves legal representation in business transactions and corporate law matters for companies involved in tech, internet business and websites. He has served as legal counsel in transactions ranging from several hundred thousand dollars to over ten million dollars.

Sean serves as corporate general counsel to numerous tech companies spanning a variety of areas, including many associated with interactive technology (tech), internet business, media and entertainment. He represents companies in the sale and purchase of Internet Businesses, large Websites and Website Domains with substantial transaction values.

With an undergraduate degree from Baldwin-Wallace College and a law degree from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Sean has combined the practice of law with his education and experience in business to specifically and uniquely assist his clients.

Sean maintains active law licenses in the states of Texas and New York. He is an active member of the Texas Bar Association.

Sean has been practicing law for 17 years.  He is the owner of the firm and his life outside work extends to music, art, film and a strong interest in history and travel.